A Little Society (2012)

The exhibition ‘The Little Society ‘ was located in the Turnpike Gallery in Leigh, Wigan.  The works were the product of Poet in residence  Philip Davenport. He had conducted several poetry workshops with local children and their poem had been trasnformed into large vinyl stickers located around the gallery. Several of the works embrace the use of spelling mistakes and others use text language and language from other cultures.

Part of the exhibition included Top Cat, which was drawn by a local primary school pupil. Above the word ‘fustrated’ was written.

  “I was very smitten by the way this spelling combines the word ‘fuss’ with the word ‘frustrated’ – to me, it’s an improvement! It also highlights many wider issues: education, class, the authority of the word. Who is CORRECT anyway?” and indeed language itself. We’re living in an age when text speak and the melting pot of the internet are eroding the boundaries of languages, let alone spellings. A subtext of this exhibition is that for future generations the combination of visuals/sound/text will form communication.” -Philip Davenport

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