“There is nothing more attractive than an image in a magazine. It’s nothing more than an image in a magazine”

Magazine Covers

Upon opening a copy of Vogue magazine, it is surprising to see how much of the content is made up of advertisements  Every other page shows off a glossy image, perfectly staged to try and capture the readers attention. They are carefully set up, man made  structured images which never occur in everyday life.

However, it has come to be assumed that the images you see in these magazines will always be ‘perfect.’ Every aspect you see has a requirement to remain faultless and the viewer has learned to expect nothing less. Page after page is filled with these false advertisements feeding the viewer a false sense of reality.

As a result of being one of the world’s most famous publications, millions of copies are sold resulting in the actual Vogue cover becoming an icon in its own right. The large capital font is as recognisable as the model singer or actress to grace the front page.

This work has played on the idea of the cover of a magazine becoming an advertisement itself. In order to create this piece, I collected a selection of Vogue covers and layered them on top of each other using Photoshop. The majority of the writing is unreadable and the are the models become unrecognisable.  The use of Photoshop in magazines allows every imperfection to be airbrushed and removed, yet in this piece, this is contradicted as the software is used to distort these ‘perfect’ images. However, no matter how many times I added another layer, the image is still recognisable as a Vogue cover.

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