“Imperfect Perfect”


Mixed Media

When we see magazine covers or flick through their pages, we are projected with images of utter perfection. Models are airbrushed, blemishes removed and personal characteristics are manipulated or removed.

This work explores the idea of making these ‘perfect’ images ‘imperfect’. The covers of magazines represent the content inside; therefore every single aspect of it has to look perfect.

In order to create this work, I have re used an existing image and altered it. The original Vogue cover is sleek and simplistic in its design appearing utterly faultless.  The recontextualisation of the image allows its original associations to still be made, yet it can now be viewed from a different context.

Photoshop played a key part in the construction of these images. It can be interesting to understand that this very tool used to create these ‘imperfect’ images, is the same one used to achieve the ‘perfect’ look.

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