“A lot can change in 4 minutes and three seconds”

“As a society, we are bombarded with advertisements on television and in magazines. They present ‘perfect’ images. They only show the end result and the process of the image being manipulated through Photoshop remains hidden. By using video, my work reveals the process of how easily and image can be changed in such a short space of time. In the footage, the digitally enhanced image is contrasted with the physical removal of make up to highlight the idea that something can be so easily enhanced that it is consequently in danger of losing its identity”

-Artist Statement 2013

A key point I wanted to highlight with this video installation is how quick it actually takes to Photoshop an image. The title refers to the length of time it took to remove any blemishes and flaws from an image using the computer software. It has become public knowledge that the extensive use of Photoshop is commonly used within images presented in the media, however, I wanted to reveal how disturbingly quick this process can take.

Video Installation

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