John Newling

Fellow fine artists from York St John University were working alongside pioneer of Public Art, John Newling to create ‘The Market of Hidden Labours.’ Located at City of York Council’s West offices, it is the first interactive public art event.

The work focuses on the tradition of the market as a place of civic assembly and exchange. Each stall requires the participation of the public. A personal favourite was a stall which offered the chance to write a letter to yourself. You could then decide weather you wanted it to be posted to you 6 months, 1 year or 2 years later.

Commenting on the installation, John Newling said: “The Market is an attempt to make transactions between people and emerging artists from the City of York; a kind of ‘capital’ of ideas and expressions as a valued currency of exchange.

John Newling then gave a really good talk about his practice. It was really interesting what he had to say, especially about how a piece of work functions in a space.

He also began the talk by asking “Has the earth got heavier over evolution?” ….Just something to think about!


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