“My current practice explores and responds to how beauty is presented through mass media.  I am interested in the images in magazines, billboards and television which create desire for the ‘perfect body,’ and investigate what impact these images have on our imagination. Society continually bombards us with images of the perfect body, flawless  sculptured idealistic and not found in reality yet we are more than happy to buy into this false ideal. My work includes using magazine advertisements  Photoshop and recently I have begun focusing on using natural materials which have been cut and coloured which bare little resemblance to their original state therefore reflecting the harsh brittle and artificial nature of beauty.”

-Artist Statement 2013


I am currently working towards my graduate exhibition, This is Who We Are. The last three years presented the opportunity to further develop my practice as an artist and this exhibition is the product of this journey.There will be a wide selection of works ranging from sculpture, drawing, video, painting, textile work and installation pieces.

For further information about the exhibition click here. Or keep up to date with the progress and look behind the scenes by clicking the following link to my blog.



Making, Painting and Creating!

Spent time time in the studio today continuing on with my work for the degree show along side fellow artists Helen Axton and Vanessa Balmer.  The rollers were out and the paint clothes were on! I am currently working on the addition of these jagged frames to accompany the boards that I have previously made. Having overcome … Continue reading

And the build begins!

Now the official 10 day countdown begins! The art block is buzzing with activity and progress is definitely being made! The space is being cleared and the walls are being built and sanded ready for that fresh clean coat of paint!

Studio Work

 With the degree show only 2 weeks away, I spent the day in the studio surrounded by PVA, paint, wood, cardboard and everything possible to get the creative juices flowing! Having created a series of contemporary coloured boards, I began experimenting with the possible idea of adding images of the body to them. However, I found this … Continue reading

John Newling

Fellow fine artists from York St John University were working alongside pioneer of Public Art, John Newling to create ‘The Market of Hidden Labours.’ Located at City of York Council’s West offices, it is the first interactive public art event. The work focuses on the tradition of the market as a place of civic assembly and … Continue reading


Today involved a day in the studios with good old fashioned pencil and paper. My practice focuses on the body and our changing perception of ourselves due to the bombardment of ‘perfect magazine advertisements. I began with some one line drawings from images in magazines on found bits of paper.  Not a lot beats a fresh … Continue reading

Magnus Quaife

Manchester based artist and curator Magnus Quaife came into the university today to give a talk about his practice. in the afternoon the opportunity arose to have a tutorial regarding our work with him. It was interesting to see how he received our works with fresh eyes having known nothing about our previous works. I … Continue reading

In the Studio

The studio is definitely the best place to be when ‘artist block’ hits. At the moment, the walls are almost leaking artwork its getting that full! It is nice to be able to wander round and see what everyone else is up too. (Definitely a benefit of sharing studio space!)  Its the holding area for everyone’s work to be exhibited … Continue reading